The municipal elections are held on Sunday April 9 2017. On this page you can find the common objectives of the World Student Capital Network and on the subpages you can read about the city specific objectives.


Common objectives for a better Helsinki Region:


1) Reducing the housing costs – more urban atmosphere to the Helsinki region! We require ambition for social housing production. The new production of student housing in the Helsinki region must be increased so that at least 500 new student apartments are completed in a year and at least 3,000 ARA rental apartments are finished in a year. Student housing construction near campuses must be increased significantly. Dense construction and rational transport planning will also allow the preservation of valuable recreational areas. In Helsinki, for example, traffic routes take 25% of the land area. Parking space standards in housing construction should be reduced considerably in case of student housing. A reasonable standard would be 1/1000 k-m2.

2) Smooth transport, short journeys. Land use and public transport must be planned across municipal boundaries having more emphasis on rail transport. Large entities should be financed and planned in a centralised manner. The share of public transport in cross traffic in the Helsinki region must be increased to thirty per cent by 2025. The most efficient way to achieve this goal is to transfer cross traffic to rails and increase housing construction along rail transport connections. In this way, the students’ transport between the campuses would be more smooth. We also need a common cycling and ”Baana” network for the Helsinki region as well as more cycle paths.

3) The world’s best city to live and study – functioning services for everyone. Services, health and well-being of young and low-income residents, such as students, must be secured. When eradicating social and health problems, the main focus should be on prevention and the availability of easily accessible mental health services should be improved significantly. The first treatment contact should be available everywhere within one month from the seeking of treatment. The position of students with children should be improved by introducing part-time day care in the Helsinki region, which would allow students to study and attend lectures without removing the right to the child home care allowance. All services should be available in three languages.