The top objective of students in the municipal elections of 2017 in Espoo is student accommodation. Espoo is to set quantitative targets for the production of student accommodation.*

Student accommodation

  • Espoo must create a plan regarding construction of student accommodation, in which binding targets are laid out for the production of student flats.
    • The quantitative target must be set in co-operation with AYY and HOAS, taking their ability to produce flats into account.
  • The parking space norm should be relaxed in Espoo for student accommodation.
    • g. in Otaniemi, a more reasonable parking space norm would be one parking space (ap)/600 floor square metres (k-m2).
  • It must be possible to get to student flats easily with public transport and bicycles.

The well-being of students

  • The services of student healthcare must remain of a high quality after the social and health services reform.
  • Free contraception must be offered to people under the age of 25 by public healthcare services.

In Espoo, of the members of the WSC network, the following are operating: the student union of Aalto University (AYY), the student union of the Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Laureamko) and the student union of the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (METKA).

Further information:

S├Ąde Palmu, the student union of Aalto University, member of the Board 040 562 3035

*The City Board of Helsinki decided in its meeting on 6.6.2016. that from then on 300 student flats a year will be built in Helsinki.