Make Helsinki the best student city in the world – this is how!


Ambitious social housing production

 To provide students the opportunity for reasonably-priced housing, Helsinki increases the construction of new housing units up to at least 300 student apartments and 2,000 ARA rental apartments per year.


Cross-town traffic onto the right tracks

After the Raide-Jokeri and Kruunusillat lines, the Science Tram is realised as a light rail connection from Otaniemi to Itäkeskus, connecting 10 higher education campuses. Construction begins before 2025.


Flexible day care

The situation of students with a family is improved by implementing part-time day care that makes studying and attending lectures possible without removing the right to receive child home care allowance.



Further information:

Specialist Sofia Lindqvist, the Student Union of  University of Helsinki, 050 543 9605