The municipal elections take place on the 9th of April, 2017. Early voting in Finland is between the 29.3.-4.4..



The election day is on the 9th of April.
Early voting takes place during the 29.3.-4.4.
Early voting abroad takes place during the 29.3.-1.4.



The city/municipal councils will face significant changes in the near future. In 2019 the councils will no longer decide over health care, as all health care services will become the responsibility of regional councils.

Regional councils will be elected through direct elections, the first of which will take place in 2018 together with the presidential election.

The core duties of the city / municipality will be to make decisions over daycare, school, municipal infrastructure, city planning as well as business and cultural services.



You have a right to vote, if you are Finnish citizen, if you are EU or ETA citizen and have lived in Finland for six months or if you are not EU or ETA citizen and have lived in Finland for two years. You can vote in advance during the 29.3.-4.4. or during the election day 9.4., when the polling stations are open at 9am-8pm. There is at least one polling station in every municipality and ca 2500 in the entire country.



You can check all available polling stations at or through this link. Please note that during the election day, you can only vote at the station that has been marked in the confirmation card sent to your mail.



The city / municipal council is elected through the municipal elections. The elections are direct, proportinal and secret.


The elections are direct.
Electors (those entitled to vote) vote directly for the person they want to be elected.


The elections are proportional.
In proportional elections each party or other group gains seats in relation to the votes cast for it compared with the votes cast for other groups.


The elections are secret.
Secrecy of the ballot means that neither the election authorities nor anyone else get to know for whom voters have cast their votes or whether they have returned an empty ballot.