Students’ goal goes through: 300 new student apartments to be built in Helsinki annually
A city bike network under trial in Espoo as well!

Preserve the HSL’s 50 % student discount!

On August 18 the World Student Capital Network ( WSC), which consists of all student unions in the Metropolitan Area and represents around 100 000 students in higher education, adopted a statement for the preservation of the 50 % student discount in public transport, granted by the Helsinki Region Transport (HSL ). During the coming year HSL will face many changes when the fare and ticketing system will be reformed and costs will increase e.g. due to the operating of the West Metro. The WSC Network rejoices that public transport is developing and in particular that rail transport is developing. However, the network insists that rising costs will be covered jointly by raising the municipal contribution and not by unreasonably raising ticket prices or cutting discount rates. Functional, affordable public transport is in the best interest of all inhabitants. The statement is aimed, in particular, at the City Boards of the HSL municipalities and the Executive Board of HSL. Read the full statement (in Finnish).

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