The purpose of the study has been to gather information and views of students themselves to develop the Capital Region in a more student friendly direction. In the online survey of the research project students answered traditional questions on housing, the urban environment and comfort as well as presented their ideas on how to develop the city on the map. The data collection utilized a new kind of map based survey, where development proposals and identified problem areas were localized as coordinates based on the answers given.

The data collection was piloted during spring 2015 by sending an email link to a statistically representative sample of students attending higher education in the Capital Region. All in all 710 students answered the survey. The survey was developed further and during the autumn it was opened to all students of higher education in the Capital Region. The open survey was answered by another 1,000 interested students.

The Research Foundation for Studies and Education Otus has gathered the data together with the partners of the study. Otus has become known for its national Student Barometer and other current studies on everyday student life, subsistence and studying. Otus brings its strong expertise in the design of questionnaires and methodology and has been responsible for the management and analysis of the research material.

The study was published on December 3 2015 at a seminar. OTUS’s director Laura Valkeasuo publishedthe results of the study Students’ Capital Region and comments on the results were held by Helsinki Deputy Mayor Anne Sinnemäki, Espoo Director of Economic and Business Development Tuula Antola, Vantaa Director of Youth and Adult Education Paula Ylöstalo-Kuronen, Mayor of Kauniainen Torsten Widén and Mari Vaattovaara, professor of urban geography at the University of Helsinki.

Student organisations participating in the financing of the study:

  • Student Union of the University of Helsinki HYY
  • Student Union of Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences METKA
  • Aalto University Student Union AYY
  • Student Union of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences HELGA
  • Student Union of Hanken School of Economics SHS
  • Student Union of Humak University of Applied Sciences HUMAKO

Partners participating in the financing of the study:

  • Helsinki Region Transport HSL
  • Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region HOAS
  • University of Helsinki
  • City of Helsinki Urban Facts
  • City of Espoo
  • Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
  • Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
  • Aalto University

Further information on the study and the seminar:

Sofia Lindqvist, Secretary of the World Student Capital Network, Specialist at HYY,, 050 543 9605