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An Expedition to the Future

Significant number of those elected to the Helsinki City Council supported the goals of the World Student Capital network!

The World Student Capital (WSC) network, comprised of the student unions of higher education institutions in the Capital Region, campaigned in Helsinki with three objectives before the municipal elections: ambitious social housing production, cross-town traffic onto the right tracks with the Science Tram and flexible day care for students with a family.*

Out of those now elected, 18 had shared their views with the WSC network before the elections. They had positive views towards the main objectives. 16 of them supported the objective of increasing ambition in social housing production, 15 supported the Science Tram and 16 supported flexible day care for students with a family. Out of those who shared their views, 14 future council members supported all three objectives. The objectives garnered support across party boundaries.

The candidates who supported all objectives were Risto Rautava and Mirita Saxberg from the National Coalition Party, Alviina Alametsä, Atte Harjanne, Emma Kari, Maria Ohisalo, Leo Stranius and Reetta Vanhanen from the Greens, Ville Jalovaara and Ilkka Taipale from the Social Democratic Party, Dan Koivulaakso and Petra Malin from the Left Alliance, Björn Månsson and Marcus Rantala from the Swedish People’s Party and Katju Aro from the Feminist Party. Additionally, Eva Biaudet from the Swedish People’s Party and Pia Pakarinen from the National Coalition Party supported the housing production objective, whereas Thomas Wallgren from the Social Democratic Party supported the Science Tram. Biaudet and National Coalition Party’s Terhi Koulumies also supported flexible day care for students with a family.

According to information received by the WSC network, at least 87 students from the student unions in the network ran as candidates in Helsinki – as many as 8% of all candidates. Seven of them were elected, and many more became deputy members. The elected students were Alviina Alametsä, Fatim Diarra, Petra Malin, Dani Niskanen and Daniel Sazonov from the University of Helsinki and Dan Koivulaakso from Hanken. Congratulations to the elected candidates!

The WSC network’s advocacy work to achieve its objectives will continue after the elections too. Before the elections, the network’s student representatives, specialists and volunteers have met with several candidates. Personal meetings and communication with the elected council members will continue throughout the spring.

* The exact contents of the objectives were as follows:

  1. Affordable homes for students: 300 new student apartments and 2,000 ARA rental apartments must be constructed in Helsinki every year.
  2. Cross-town traffic onto the right tracks: The Science Tram is needed to connect 10 higher education campuses from Otaniemi to Itäkeskus. Construction must begin before 2025.
  3. Flexible day care for students with a family: Students with a family must be able to combine studying and part-time day care without losing the right to receive child home care allowance.

Further information:

Municipal Election Coordinator Ansku Holstila, Student Union of the University of Helsinki, firstname.lastname@hyy.fi, 050 3062525

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