Release – Research: Students want to limit the use of private cars, facilitate cycling and increase affordable housing
Students’ goal goes through: 300 new student apartments to be built in Helsinki annually

Whats up with World Student Capital this year?

At first sight, student life in metropolitan area might look very comfortable and easy, but the truth is different. There are not enough student or youth apartments – neither overpriced private rental apartments help this problem, or even conversely. Infrastructure of the city do not support very well active student life, travelling between different districts or even cities can be difficult. On top of all of that government going to “update” the student benefit system, which means that students will be forced to live on loan. In addition, postgraduates studies will be fully charged from students and at the same time working along with studies will be still punishable.

World Student Capital – community’s one of the main goals is to make Helsinki area one of the best metropolitan areas in the world. We will get there by fixing all of the problems above. WSC is working by students own initiative and students’ unions employees’ help. Community’s main goals are cheap housing costs, smooth transport and functioning services for everyone.

WSC was busy straight from the start. The first event was big community’s meeting where we discussed ja shared ideas about upcoming year. Meeting’s guests and specialists held many informative and inspiring speeches. After those, we moved to the workshops to develop our operation plan. World Student Capital community’s members felt like the event was very useful and wished that it would become an annual meeting. The responsibility for organizing the next year’s Big WSC community meeting was given to Helga.

As well in the beginning of the year Helsinki city government ask HYY (The Student Union at the University of Helsinki) to give statement on the notes of action plan for land use and living 2016. HYY and WSC decided to publish the statement as community’s own. The statement was made with cooperation of every member of the community and you can read from here.

Anyhow, during this spring we have been focusing on the next year’s municipal elections and on bringing up student’s interests to the agendas of political parties. WSC community decided to start influencing political field in different metropolitan areas. To insure the influence in different areas, community nominated active groups and their leaders. Groups formed concrete goals for municipal influence from the main goals that the community set for themselves.

Students are going to have municipal election’s campaign too and it’s main theme is almost clear. Anyhow, you will need to wait a little while for that info. Meanwhile I would like to know what is important to you? Let me know via email andrey.veremenko(at) .

Over all the spring has been very busy, but also very educational and rewarding. Despite the good start, I hope to see even more co-operation between University’s student unions and University of applied sciences’s student unions within World Student Capital community and outside of it.

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Have a nice spring and see you in the next blog post!
Andrey Veremenko
Chairperson, World Student Capital community
Board member, Student Union of Haaga-Helia the University of Applied sciences

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